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Our Automated Storage and Retrieval Material Handling System (AS/RS) Specifications

SR/F Specifications

Here are the basic nuts and bolts of the system for those of you who prefer a quick glance at the engineering that sets us apart. These specifications are a handy guideline, because we customize the system to meet your exact needs.


• Working Capacity: 3000 lb. loads at 100% duty cycle

• End-of-Aisle Run-out Required: 16 ft.

• Height Requirements: 12 ft. to 100 ft.

• S/R Machine Length: 15 ft.

• Aisle Width: 80" Pallet to Pallet for single deep and 84" for pushback

• Vertical Speed: 90 FPM

• Horizontal Speed: 700 FPM

• Fork Rotation: 180 deg.

S/R Machine:

Construction: Modular component design. All parts designed for 100% duty cycle. Welded steel frame. Single mast tube, strut braced. Structural steel base.

Drive and Idler Wheels: Flanged forged alloy steel. Case Hardened to 55 Rockwell C. Reground for concentricity. Heavy-duty pillow block bearing support.

Fork Extractor Mechanism:

• Construction: Precession fabricated steel

• Load Capacity: 3000 lb.

• Load Support: Industrial Standard Forks

• Extractor Drive: Patented ball screw and rotator with variable frequency drives, industrial gear reducers, and brake.

Crane Rail:

• Floor mounted ASCE, 60 lb./yd.

Vertical & Horizontal Drives:

High performance sine-coded, pulse width modulated AC vector motor drives which generates an adjustable voltage/ frequency three phase output for complete speed control. Automatic stall prevention and voltage boost prevents nuisance tripping during load or line side transient conditions. The drives will not induce any voltage or distortion back into the utility line and maintains a displacement power factor of not less than 0.98 throughout its speed range.


• TCP-IP by way of duplex Ethernet bridge

S/R Machine Controls:

Electrical Components: JIC code compliance throughout. NEMA-12 rated enclosure, sensors, and wiring. Panel-mounted diagnostic indicator lights. Panel-mounted maintenance controls.

Logistics and Positioning: Onboard programmable controller A-B SLC-500® communication is TCP-IP by way of duplex Ethernet bridge. Fine positioning, motor-mounted resolvers with 1/16'' accuracy or 1 deg. Accurate positioning on startup.


Front and rear aisle-obstruction detectors. Onboard and off-board emergency stops. Load and centering sensors and interlocks.

Rack Structure:

Virtually any post and beam (conventional) existing or new racks capable of safely bearing the pallet loads (pushback and flow rack). Continuity of vertical shelf distance from floor NOT REQUIRED. Common depth dimension recommended, but differing depths can often be accommodated. Racks must be attached to the floor but no shimming is needed except with extreme floor conditions.

Maximum Height: 100 ft.


Any two or four way pallet capable of being used with the storage rack.


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